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Improved Performance

1. Improved Performance

With only relevant data held in your application production environment, user response times are faster.

Cost Reduction

2. Cost Reduction

Archived data can be stored on lower-cost platforms, saving you money.

Faster & Safer Upgrades

3. Faster & Safer Upgrades

With less data to convert, your upgrade can be implemented faster.

Quicker Backups

4. Quicker Backups

By implementing regular, automated data purging and archiving, your IT team will spend less time on database maintenance and backups.


5. Security

Keeping inactive, sensitive data in the production environment leads to an increased risk of exposure.

Faster Disaster Recovery

6. Faster Disaster Recovery

The greater the quantity of data in the production database, the longer it will take to restore in disaster recovery. This delay in restoring operations could be very damaging to the business.