Telefónica UK Selects ARCTOOLS to Manage Data from Oracle’s JD Edwards Applications

International Telecommunications Company Chooses ARCTOOLS to Optimize Oracle ERP Data


NEW YORK, April 23, 2014

Redfaire and DCSoftware today announced that Telefónica, one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies, has selected ARCTOOLS to assist with their ERP data management. O2, Telefónica’s commercial brand that provides mobile services in the UK, has chosen ARCTOOLS to purge and archive its ERP data.

ARCTOOLS was developed by Gold level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork, DCSoftware and Platinum level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork, Redfaire and has achieved Oracle Validated Integration with Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and Oracle’s JD Edwards World. Telefónica chose ARCTOOLS because of its strong ROI and excellent client references.

The benefits Telefónica expect to gain from Oracle’s JD Edwards data archiving project include:

    • Reduced ERP database administration.
    • Quicker Oracle’s JD Edwards upgrades due to faster data conversion times.
    • Reduced data storage costs.
    • Improved ERP performance.

Helen Ward, Senior Service Delivery Analyst for Telefónica remarked that, “We chose ARCTOOLS to help with our legacy Oracle’s JD Edwards purging toolset. ARCTOOLS had strong references from existing customers. The recommendations were justified and I am really pleased we chose the right supplier. ARCTOOLS offers good business value.”

Barry Yelverton, Chief Product Architect of ARCTOOLS commented, “We are delighted to help the IT team at Telefónica to simplify ERP data management. By resolving their legacy ERP challenges, ARCTOOLS will enable the team to drive down costs, increase ERP performance and save time on database administration.”


ARCTOOLS is a leading purge and archive tool for Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and Oracle’s JD Edwards World Software. By safely and efficiently purging ERP data, ARCTOOLS empowers customers to lower data management costs, reduce business and compliance risks and deliver safer and quicker upgrades. ARCTOOLS delivers results quickly and is easy to use. It is a proven solution which protects data integrity and is used by over 450 Oracle’s JD Edwards clients worldwide. ARCTOOLS is available for Oracle, MSSQL and DB2 (IBM i) databases.

About O2 UK

O2 is the commercial brand of Telefónica UK Limited and is a leading digital communications company with the highest customer satisfaction for any mobile provider according to Ofcom. With over 23 million customers, O2 runs 2G, 3G and 4G networks across the UK, as well as operating O2 Wifi and owning half of Tesco Mobile. O2 has over 450 retail stores and sponsors The O2, O2 Academy venues and the England rugby team. Read more about O2 at

Telefónica UK Limited is part of Telefónica Europe plc (a business division of Telefónica SA) which uses O2 as its commercial brand in the UK, Slovakia, Germany and the Czech Republic.

About Oracle PartnerNetwork

Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) Specialized is the latest version of Oracle’s partner program that provides partners with tools to better develop, sell and implement Oracle solutions. OPN Specialized offers resources to train and support specialized knowledge of Oracle products and solutions and has evolved to recognize Oracle’s growing product portfolio, partner base and business opportunity. Key to the latest enhancements to OPN is the ability for partners to differentiate through Specializations. Specializations are achieved through competency development, business results, expertise and proven success. To find out more visit

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Niamh Vaughan
+33 1 80 88 44 10


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Oracle and Java are registered trademarks of Oracle and/or its affiliates. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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Oracle Demantra / Archiving Tool / Improve Performance

ARCTOOLS now has a module available for Oracle Demantra.

Oracle’s Demantra is a best-in-class provider of:

  • Demand management,
  • Sales & operations planning,
  • Trade promotions management solutions.

Thanks to ARCTOOLS’ open architecture and module adaptability, ARCTOOLS can be used to purge & archive Oracle Demantra as well as Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne & World.


ARCTOOLS can be used to purge the following Demantra modules:

Demand Management & Annual Operation Planning:

  • Sales
  • Forecast
  • Year-end estimate
  • Sales planning

Predictive Trade Planning:

  • Promotions

Discount & Price Management:

  • Discounts
  • Price lists
  • Bonuses



  • Out of the box preconfigured template solution.
  • Transparent archive process allowing full user visibility of transaction movement
  • Easily adaptable to custom requirements or other modules
  • Built in Job Scheduler and Job Audit monitor
  • ARCTOOLS administrator dashboard ensures customers take full control of their data archive solution



  • Improved application  performance
  • Simplifies Demantra Upgrades
  • Stabilizes and improve performance of your Demantra production platform
  • Reduced IT maintenance
  • Reduced storage costs
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved operation efficiency

“We found ARCTOOLS to be an extremely easy to use and efficient tool. ARCTOOLS has given us the ability to really manage our Application data and because of its flexibility and adaptability to other Applications, the ARCTOOLS project has delivered a strong return on investment.”

Juan Carlos Monteros, IT Project Leader, ARCOR

 For more information on how Arcor used ARCTOOLS for Demantra, click here.

ARCOR Uses ARCTOOLS to purge JD Edwards and Demantra

Success Story – Purging JD Edwards and Demantra

Arcor_textlogo The search for a solution to proactively manage ERP data started in 2010 as part of the larger IT infrastructure review. The team recognized that the standard JD Edwards purge and archive tools were not sufficient to meet their needs and that building an in-house solution would displace resources from core tasks. ARCTOOLS was chosen as it came highly recommended and had proven its worth to more than 450 Oracle JD Edwards clients worldwide. The project focused on critical processes, Predictive Trade Planning and Demand Management and delivered immediate productivity improvements including better ERP performance and fewer issues with database timeouts in the production environment.

From JD Edwards to Demantra

Such was the success of the JD Edwards data purging and archiving project that the team began to see that ARCTOOLS could also help them address data management issues in other applications. Next on the data optimization list was Demantra, Oracle’s
demand management, sales and operations planning tool. Due to the large volume of data which was growing at a very fast rate, system performance was becoming an issue.

Thanks to ARCTOOLS’ open architecture and module adaptability, the same team was able to quickly and easily configure ARCTOOLS to optimize the Demantra database. This was easily handled by creating an additional environment on the existing
ARCTOOLS instance.

The following Demantra modules were in scope for this data management requirement:

Demand Management & Annual Operation Planning:

  • Sales
  • Forecast
  • Year end estimated
  • Sales planning

Predictive Trade Planning:

  • Promotions

Discount & Price Management:

  • Discounts
  • Price lists
  • Bonuses

The initial set of modules was configured in a matter of days and once validated went live in a controlled, scheduled manner similar to the JD Edwards modules.  Nearly 700 million transactions were archived.

Purging and Archiving Going Forward

Purging and archiving at ARCOR has now been fully automated, saving time and money and freeing up the IT team to focus on higher value added tasks. Because of the value delivered by the JD Edwards and Demantra projects, optimizing data is now being extended to other ARCOR applications, making ARCTOOLS a template solution for all data management archiving requirements.

Download the full case study here »

Westcon Group Saves Time and Money

Westcon GroupWestcon Group is the world’s leading specialty distributor of advanced network technology solutions. Founded in 1985, Westcon Group has particular expertise in the convergence of voice, data and video applications and technologies, including VoIP, network security and wireless and mobility-based connectivity. Westcon Group is a significant sales channel for Cisco, Nortel Networks, Avaya and close to 100 other industry-leading vendors.

A Rapidly Growing Business

Westcon Group went into production on JD Edwards in 2000 using different environments for each of its subsidiaries. In 2004, in order to introduce global policies/procedures, these environments were consolidated by region into the Americas, EMEA, and AsiaPac. Since the “go live” in 2000, Westcon Group has continued to grow, acquiring four companies in 2007 alone. This rapid expansion meant that Westcon Group’s IT department was faced with the major challenge of maintaining system performance in the face of rapidly increasing data volumes.


  • Proactively address data growth
  • Shorten batch processing time
  • Optimize use of IT resources
  • Minimize data storage costs
  • Purge & archive customized applications & tables


“After we dropped/reloaded and re-indexed the tables, we saw a 54% increase in performance on some of the sales transactions. Overall Benchmarks for Europe came back similar to North America, over 45% performance improvement. An interesting example concerns one of the day jobs that runs every half hour and used to take 25 minutes, now it takes 15 minutes, giving us substantial additional time to run other daily jobs.”

Ryan Dumas
IT Project Manager, Westcon Group

ARCTOOLS – The Perfect Fit

Westcon Group not only needed a robust and trustworthy purging and archiving solution, they also needed one that was flexible enough to deal with highly customized applications – Westcon Group’s order entry system is over 75% customized.

Westcon Group Case StudyARCTOOLS was chosen for its flexibility, reliability and because it offered a faster return on investment than other vendors. In just a matter of days, ARCTOOLS was installed and technically configured to meet the complex technical architecture required. No extra hardware was needed and the functional implementation was completed on schedule.

After successfully going into production with ARCTOOLS in North America, Westcon Group’s internal team was able to autonomously deploy the solution to their European platform. With ARCTOOLS, Westcon Group has quickly, easily, and cost-effectively surpassed its purging and archiving goals.

Download the full case study here »

Work FASTER – Without a Hardware Upgrade


Your machine is slowing down. There are two ways to speed up processing — get a bigger machine or get rid of some data. Getting a bigger machine costs real money. Getting rid of some data is complicated due to the integrated nature of the files. At first, adding disk space provides an acceptable performance improvement at a reasonable cost. Eventually, however, the rising slope of the “data volume versus dollars required to process it” curve backs you into a corner — more hardware or less data. Pick one. Eventually, most shops will want to purge.

Getting rid of some data is complicated due to the integrated nature of the files.”

Dave Shea
President of DCSoftware, Inc

Accessing the old data

The first question I get asked is, “How do I get rid of the old data?” The second question I get asked is, “How do I get it back?”

Keep in mind — we’re not getting rid of the data. We are getting it out of the way. Also bear in mind that we’re getting it out of the way with integrity. Data that was supposed to stay together was archived together. The data that is now in the archive should support many of the report and inquiry functions within the software.


Data archiving sounds fairly straightforward when you first start thinking about it. As you proceed further down the road and recognize the realities of file relationships, data integrity and batches, you start realizing just how difficult a task purging really is. PeopleSoft has some purge functionality, but many customers have discovered that more is needed than what is provided in the standard software. Some customers have tried tackling this on their own, with varying levels of success or failure.

DCSoftware has spent years developing a purge and archive approach for PeopleSoft that utilizes ARCTOOLS/400 as the purge engine. The result is a product that provides the ability to purge and archive with integrity, without locking users out of the system, without adversely impacting other work on the system, and on a flexible time schedule.

Quest - Work Faster without an UpgradeIn this Quest Q&A article, purge and archive expert David Shea from DCSoftware, Inc. (the creator of ARCTOOLS) discusses the options, pitfalls and realities of what at first sounds like a simple proposition.

Download the full article here »

Carolina Biological reduces data by 1.5 Terabytes


Success Story – A Strategic Role for IT

At Carolina Biological Supply, IT plays a central role in promoting the company’s core values of innovation, quality and service. In particular, IT is critical to fulfilling the “Carolina Pledge” which guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. The IT team plays an important role in ensuring that Carolina’s customer service and loyalty metrics remain consistently strong.

Oracle® JD Edwards at Carolina

Carolina purchased and installed Oracle JD Edwards OneWorld XE in 2003. The company upgraded to version 8.11 in late 2006. In late 2010, after four successful years on 8.11, Carolina upgraded to 9.0. Carolina uses Oracle JD Edwards to manage finance, inventory, manufacturing, logistics and customer service. The company keeps up-to-date on tools releases and runs EnterpriseOne on an IBM iSeries as well as a Windows application server.

Consistent Performance Through Proactive Data Management

The IT team wanted a tool that delivered results quickly and also allowed easy access to archived data. After assessing various solutions, including using native Oracle JD Edwards purging tools, the IT team chose ARCTOOLS. Key to the final decision was the fact that ARCTOOLS was a native iSeries tool that had already been used successfully at hundreds of Oracle JD Edwards customer sites worldwide.


Purging and archiving your data not only makes life easier for the IT team, it also makes business sense. The ARCTOOLS project really delivered a quick win. ARCTOOLS is a powerful and easy to use tool that delivers results quickly and gives a strong return on investment.

Tony Price

Director of Technology Carolina Biological Supply


  • Reduced Oracle JD Edwards production data by 500 gigabytes
  • Overall space savings of 1.5 terabytes
  • Saved at least 12 hours in data conversion during 9.0 upgrade
  • Improved ERP performance
  • More efficient database maintenance and backups


A Quick Win

The project was completed in just eight weeks. It was quick, did not demand a large investment of time from the internal team and did not disrupt end users.

Download the full case study here »

The United Biscuits Data Purging & Archiving Project

united-biscuitsARCTOOLS presents the United Biscuits Oracle® JD Edwards data purging and archiving project at the OBUG Benelux Connect – JD Edwards Conference on April 24th, 2012 in Maastricht, Holland. ARCTOOLS helped United Biscuits optimize data, improve ERP performance and decrease database management costs.

PARIS, April 17, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/- ARCTOOLS, the leading tool for optimizing Oracle JD Edwards ERP data, will present the successful data purging and archiving project at United Biscuits, at the Oracle Benelux User Day on April 24th, 2012 in Maastricht.

ARCTOOLS helped the IT team at United Biscuits, one of the world’s pre-eminent branded snacks businesses, to significantly reduce data conversion time during their upgrade to Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.0.

“Choosing ARCTOOLS was the smart decision. Thanks to ARCTOOLS we were able to reduce our database by fifty percent and convert our data prior to upgrading in just one day. ARCTOOLS not only helped us deliver a safer and more efficient upgrade, it also helps us to keep our database at an optimal size, ensuring that ERP performance is maintained and database tuning and backups are completed quickly and easily.”

Paul Hoogenbosch
Business Analyst at United Biscuits

United Biscuits chose ARCTOOLS because it was a proven solution. Hoogenbosch goes on to say that, “Preserving data integrity was obviously a major concern for us. ARCTOOLS is a powerful and easy to use tool but perhaps most importantly, it is a proven solution. Knowing that our data was safe and that so many other Oracle JD Edwards clients had already tested the tool made project sign-off and business user buy-in much easier.”

With the new release of the software (March 2012) ARCTOOLS now delivers an even greater return on investment. Increased functionality means that not only can ARCTOOLS be used for extra tasks in Oracle JD Edwards such as housekeeping, test scenario refresh and data extraction, but can also be configured to purge and archive data from other business applications. Easier navigation and access to online help also leads to greater user productivity.

United Biscuits will present their successful purging and archiving project at the Oracle Benelux User day on April 24th in Maastricht. Leading ARCTOOLS and Oracle Partner Cadran will co-present.

Download the United Biscuits ARCTOOLS JD Edwards Case Study here

La Guilde des Lunetiers – Quick Implementation

la-guilde-des-lunetiersLa Guilde des Lunetiers (The French Opticians Guild) used ARCTOOLS to substantially reduce application data in an exceptionally short time-frame.

La Guilde des Lunetiers (The French Opticians Guild) is the leading supplier of ophthalmic glasses in France. Established over forty years ago, in recent years it has experienced annual average growth of 5%. La Guilde des Lunetiers has over 2,500 stores which operate under the brands “Krys”, “Lynx Optique” “Visions Plus” and “Vision Originale”. It also supplies glasses to 1,600 independent opticians.


  • Aggressively reduce application data levels in a very limited time frame
  • Minimize time spent on database maintenance and backups
  • Automate regular purging and archiving of application data
  • Ensure ease of access to archived data

While JD Edwards, and particularly the EnterpriseOne sales Order Configurator, brought measurable gains in efficiency to the firm’s make-to-order business, the ERP also brought its own challenges. After implementing JD Edwards, it soon became apparent that La Guilde des Lunetiers would need to find a way to manage application data growth.

Proactive Data Management

The IT team was in a continual race against the clock to complete basic maintenance and backups. We realized that if things continued as they were the IT team would be spending most of its time reacting to issues caused by the fast growing data load rather than working on strategic, high value added projects.”

Xavier Laurent
Manager IT Infrastructure & Architecture.


Optimal Data Levels

With ARCTOOLS, La Guilde des Lunetiers reduced the production database by 55%, from over a terabyte in size to an optimal 450 gigabyte. This reduction in data levels was achieved with minimal disruption to end-users and led to immediate measurable gains in productivity for the IT department.

Laurent continues,”…Keeping data at optimal levels saves the company money. While purging and archiving clearly reduces data storage costs, it’s not really about that. The real benefits are the gains in productivity for end-users and for the IT department.”

Download the full case study here »

Transmed Improves Operational Efficiency

TransmedEarlier this year, ARCTOOLS had the opportunity to help deliver an upgrade from JD Edwards EnterpriseOne E811 SP1 to version E9.0 for Transmed S.A.L Lebanon., who also upgraded their hardware and database platforms at the same time. ARCTOOLS was able to draw on its expertise in archiving JD Edwards data to help make the process as painless as possible.

About Transmed

Founded in Lebanon in 1946, Transmed S.A.L Lebanon sells and distributes consumer goods, including major brands from Procter & Gamble, Mars, and Clorox. The company has expanded to include operations in the United Arab Emirates, Syria, Jordan, and several African countries. Each subsidiary acts as its own entity, with its own separate IT infrastructure.

Transmed S.A.L Lebanon was using a SQL database in its head office in Lebanon. As the company expanded, the database became unreliable and cumbersome.

The project was divided into the following milestones:

  • Platform porting from Windows to Unix
  • Database conversion from SQLServer to Oracle
  • Implementation of ArcTools purge and archive solution
  • Upgrade from JD Edwards EnterpriseOne release 8.11 to E9.0
  • Implementation of Oracle Red Stack
  • Retrofitting of old Customizations and GoLive


A Faster and Easier Upgrade with ArcTools

ARCTOOLS and Transmed worked together to reduce the quantity of data to be converted, which in turn shortened and stabilized the upgrade.

Arctools helped us achieve a smooth and efficient upgrade with minimum disruption. This is a fully integrated archive/purge tool. The ArcTools methodology delivers an excellent return on investment.”

Said Arnous
CFO of Transmed S.A.L.

Transmed Case Study

Reducing Database Size

Transmed was then able to archive more than 30 percent of its production database. Transmed now has in place regular data purging and archiving procedures, keeping data at an optimal level. This has led to a significant decrease in the load on the hardware, CPU utilization and ultimately RAM consumption.

Learn how Transmed SAL used ARCTOOLS to improve ERP performance by purging and archiving more than 30% of production data.

Download the full case study here »

George P. Johnson – Real Business Benefits

George P. JohnsonMany companies only start looking at purging and archiving ERP data when levels are already critical and disrupting key business processes, however, tackling a purge and archive project in fire-fighting mode is not the most efficient way of doing things. What’s more, incorporating purging and archiving into your ERP Management plan generates real benefits for both the IT department and the business as a whole.

JD Edwards History

George P. Johnson started using JD Edwards EnterpriseOne release XE in 2001. In line with their strategy to continuously innovate, they kept up-to-date with the various product evolutions, upgrading to release 8.10 in 2006 and to release 9.0 in November 2009.

Why they decided to purge and archive your data ARCTOOLS?

They had been contemplating an archiving initiative for several years due to the volume of data they had accumulated. Performance of their production system had begun slowing down as queries were taking place over eight years worth of data.

A major advantage that ARCTOOLS had over the competition was that the consulting work could be completed remotely, this seriously helped our roi as costs were kept to a minimum. Finally, before purchasing the product we did a “Proof of Concept.” this helped us to prove to our board of directors and to our end users that the purging and archiving project would deliver clear and measurable value.

Arctools makes purging and archiving ERP data easy…Every year we plan to archive an additional year’s worth of data. The benefits can be seen not just during the upgrade process, but also on a daily basis by end users and the IT department – with less data in the production environment, end-user queries run more efficiently and database maintenance is simplified.”

Brian Bartkowiak
Vice President, IT Worldwide at George P. Johnson


Learn how purging and archving ERP data with ARCTOOLS helped George P. Johnson deliver real business benefits. Read the full interview in Quest Q&A magagzine with Brian A. Bartkowiak, Vice President, Information Technology Worldwide at George P. Johnson.

Download the full case study here »

Speed Up JDE Upgrade with Mayer Electric

Mayer Electric SupplyThis case study interview can shed some light on your worries; Barry Carden, VP & CIO, Mayer Electric talks about his upgrade experience and how ARCTOOLS purging and archiving software reduced Mayer Electric’s database by 20 percent in just 28 hours.

Want to Upgrade but Worried about Converting your Data?

From our first card-based computer system introduced in 1967, strategic use of technology has always been part of the culture at Mayer. Technology is one of our key competitive weapons and allows us to continuously deliver the outstanding customer service for which we are known.

And so our JD Edwards journey began in 1999, when we replaced our legacy system with JD Edwards OneWorld 7.33, subse- quently upgrading to XE in November 2001, and to EnterpriseOne 8.12 in June 2008.

Our 1,000 JD Edwards users employ the finance and distribution modules to lower transaction costs and to ensure that we can deliver any one of our 40,000 inventory items over night to customers at our 60 plus branches in Alabama, Florida, Geor- gia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.

Why they choose ARCTOOLS

First, it was fast. With ARCTOOLS, we knew that the purging and archiving process would be quick and efficient.

Second, something we really liked about ARCTOOLS was the fact that it did not slow down our IT systems. This meant that we were able to run purge and archiving jobs without impacting the performance of our production database and without dis- rupting our end users.

Finally, it seemed like these guys were “a safe pair of hands”. Over the past number of years we had heard of ARCTOOLS through Quest and from going to COLLABORATE. We also knew that the software had been developed in collaboration with JD Edwards and that it had been successfully implemented by over two hundred and twenty JD Edwards clients worldwide.

Purging and archiving often gets pushed down the to-do list. This is a mistake! Remember, keeping your data at optimal levels saves the company money. By reducing your data load, you save money on hardware, your system will perform better and your IT team will spend less time backing-up and maintaining the database and more time on higher value added tasks.

Barry Carden
VP & CIO, Mayer Electric

Quest Q&A magazine interview with Barry CardenRead the full interview with Barry Carden, CIO of Mayer Electric, on how ARCTOOLS helped them speed up data conversion prior to upgrading to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 8.12 in Quest Q&A, the magazine of Quest International Group.
Download the full case study here »

Cargill Leads Purge & Archive Initiative


Cargill, a private company and is an international producer and marketer of food, agricultural, financial and industrial products and services, noticed their system was in desperate need of a purge. For a company of more than 100,000 employees operating in 60 countries, maintaining a clean database was difficult.



Losing weight is not a battle exclusive to humans, most IT databases are so heavy with data overload, they could use a pretty strict diet as well. When purchase orders and invoices are run on a daily basis, for example, the amount of information you are storing in your database steadily builds. In turn, the system becomes slower and slower, costing time and money as it struggles to carry the extra weight.

I have to say that if I were to do a purge again, I would do it the same way. We would stick with the same product — we are very happy with ARCTOOLS.”

Bill Tritch
Product Manager for Cargill

Improved Business Processes

Cargill has noticed that their process runtime has dramatically decreased, which has saved time and, in turn, money. The online inquiries and backup of systems run faster because the database is not nearly as big as it was before the purge.


The main way the purge process has helped their overall business process is that they were now able to perform an effective conversion. If they had not purged, many of their files would not have converted properly to the new release and they would have had additional rework or cleanup of the old data.

Bill Tritch, Product Manager, and Julie Mauser, I.T. manager, Global Financial Solutions for Cargill, discussed their need for a system purge and archive solution and how they have successfully trimmed down their database using ARCTOOLS.

Download the full case study here »