Archive Oracle Database

provides easy to use purge and archive functionality for Oracle databases. The engine was developed by Redfaire, an Oracle Platinum partner, and creates custom PL/SQL code at run time to ensure optimal performance. It can be configured for all Oracle based applications, creating a central application for general archiving activity. The solution does not require extra hardware or external software licenses.

How it works

ARCTOOLS is a rule-based/parameter-driven purging and archiving solution. All functional modules are stored in database tables, which are interpreted and transformed into dynamic SQL statements. There are two primary technical components:

The database component

Because of its close proximity to the database and your data, the database component ensures effective management of large data volumes. The rules and the relationships for the JD Edwards Module are contained within a control database and the engine which interprets/transforms these rules into dynamically generated procedural SQL statements.

The front-end component

The front-end component (which can be installed on the database server, a separate application server, or simply on a client machine) is written in html/javascript/jsp/servlet. All administration tasks for ARCTOOLS are made easier by this user friendly interface.


  • ARCTOOLS has a built in understanding of the rules and relationships which underlie the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne database, ensuring that data is purged in a reliable and accurate manner without compromising the database.
  • The option of proof/test mode enables the user to validate results before performing the actual purge.
  • Total control over each step in the archive/purge cycle is ensured and it is possible to ‘reverse purge’ if necessary.
  • The activation/deactivation of rules, the inclusion of bespoke tables or indeed the creation of new purge modules is easily managed.
  • ARCTOOLS has a built in scheduler which enables users to automate purging.
  • ARCTOOLS has an internal audit module which logs all necessary job information ensuring that an accurate trace is kept of all archiving activity.


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